Institutional investor forum hosted by Shanxi Yuncheng mining industry

May 2,2014, in order to strengthen the relationship with the investor and build a good market image, an institutional investor's forum was held in the headquarter of the company in Shanxi. Representatives from seven fund companies, two delegates from the securities coorporations and some of the stockowners has atteneded the forum.

During the forum, our managers introduced the developmental strategy, management plan and the future development and trend  on rear metal industry to the delegates from different institutions and communicate with them. Fund managers, analysts from different institutions asked many questions and made the forum very successful.

The open of this forum is proposed by the director of PASFUND Group Mr. Chen Weiguang. During the communication, the general accountant of Yuncheng Mining industry, Mr. Sun Zhehu said the sales revenue for the main business in 2013 has reached RMB0.36 billion, the production and management data of the first half of this year is better than the same period of last year and, he predicted the revenue will increased by  10% to 15%  with a continuous rising trend within two or three years in the future.

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