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Personnel recruitment

PAS is opening the following position for candidates who are interested in creating a brilliant career with us.

Development and integration of market channels and resources to carry out a variety of channel marketing activities; familiar with the market dynamics of peers, can accurately grasp the market and carry out various activities in accordance with the market; network advertising and marketing; preparation and implementation of specific marketing activities.

1. College education,  professional marketing experiences
2. More than two years of relevant industry experience, experienced in event planning and marketing; and has resources in market channel;
3. Have excellent communication skills and a strong sense of servicing, team player, down to earth.

Immigration Consultants
Familiar with States immigration policy and sales skills, provide immigration solution for customer and sign the contract; support marketing expansion, develop and accummulate customer database; assist writer&translator in the preperation of immigration documents.

1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Outstanding appearance and image, excellent sales skills, sense of service and communication skills
3. Strong sense of responsibility, can withstand a certain pressure, and have team spirit;
4. More than one year relevant work experience is preferred;high-end industry sales experience or overseas study and work experience is preferred.

Senior Secretary (Immigration Project)
1. Outstanding appearance and image, Cheerful, she should be taller than 160CM  (very important)
2. Bachelor degree or above;
3. Experienced in promoting immigration and following the immigration cases 
4. Work carefully, able to speak standard Mandarin, strong communication skills, able to deliver speech in pubilc 
5. Good writing skills including drafting a business plan;
6. Our company is offering a favorable salary plus a  sound project commission system, lots of promotion opportunities; frequent travel to Hong Kong
7. Fluent English, with band-six certificate or above 
8. Excellent fresh graduates with outstanding performance is preferred
9. Candidates please send a recent photo , we are not offering any interviews for candidates without photo.

Immigration documents writing&translating
Writing articles based on customer's actual situation and designate solution by the consultant, collecting, selecting and translating the immigration documents; tracking application process and maintain a good communication with the customers.
1. Bachelor degree or above; TERM8 for English major graduate;
2. Fast learning ability, can quickly master a variety of business-related knowledges;
3. Good communication skills, good cooperation skill and team spirit, down on earth, prudent, clear and detailed minded, with a strong sense of responsibility;
4. Over one year of relevant work experience in the immigration industry is preferred; with overseas study or work experience in finance is preferred.