N-2012-1001-001-A Yunnan Flower

 一、Yunnan Flower Project(This project is a key growing investment project of PASFUND) 

 Item Number: N-2012-1001-001-A

 Categories: agriculture (N); subcategories: 2012; rating: Independent Archive (1001); A: overseas listed

(一)、Location of listed: Hong Kong main board
(二)、Time of listed: 2014
(三)、Project Description: 

Project company is China's largest flower trading company and enjoyed a high reputation in neighboring countries and regions.

Founded in 1999, after more than ten year's development, it has integrated into a group of varies business including: international flower trading, flower planting and flower logistic as its core business,the other functions are: flower training and research, flower exhibition and flower toursim .

1、Industry: Modern Agriculture (Flowers)
2、It's main business: Flower Trading, flower planting, flower logistics, Flower exhibition
3Qualification: It is a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization authorized by the city, state and the country.
4、Turnover / net profit in the latest three years: Not available
5、Estimated net profit in the latest three years: Not available
6、Analysis of the valuable points:

(1) No flower enterprise is listed in China
No flower enterprise is listed in China. Flower industry is an emerging industry. The expert from world trade economy forcast that among those top ten industries with a most promising future, flower is number two of it. In the first tier cities of China, such as Shenzhen and Hong Kong, in recent years,the flower consumption volume has maintained a growth rate of over 20%.

As a leading enterprise in the agriculture industrialization authorised by the city,state and country, its subsidiary flower market is one of the largest flower trading market in China, it is qualified as the first flower enterprise to be listed in the stock market in turns of its effect, position and satisfy its user for a richful consumption, The company will encounter a sound opportunity for its development.

The biggest flower trading enterprise (Key flower market in CHina):
As the development of the flower industry,80% of the cut flower trading revenue of Yunan province is from this company. At the same time, with the help of market functioning and flower branding, flowers from all over China will be gathered here and sold to different part of China, it has become the bellwether of the national flower market and the price system is the barometer of the national flower price.

The trading hall is 20,000 square meter, it is the biggest cut flower trading market and has been eveluated as "national spot flower market" and "national key flower market"

Sound economic indicator:

Since 2008, the trading volumn for cut flower is maintained at a quantity of 4.12 billion which equals to  RMB3 to RMB4 billion and acounts for 70% and 40% of the toal trading amount in Yunan and China.

(2) "Capital of flower in Asia"
To stregthen the brand of the flower market, a land with an area of 1230 acres selected by the company in order to construct " China Kunming international flower trading center", it is approved by Ministry of Agriculture of China and Kunming government.

After the completion of the project center, facilities such as international flower logistics, international convention, travel culture and research and training center will be available, and it will be divided into several districts with different functions such as: flower fumigatiion area; refregeration area; inspection and packing area; temporate storage; plant quarantine, custom, finance and air freight. It will provde a larger public platform for the development of national flower industry, the trading catogary, market size and market occupy rate will be number one and it can finally be entitled as "Capital of flower in Asia"

(3) Advantages of the project:

The company has advantages in location, size and management, stable financial indicator and sound cash flow; the management group is experienced and qualified and able to operate in high efficiency and for a long time.

The flower brand of this project is the only flower with the title" Chinese famous trade mark".

7、Type of investment: Growth invesment

8Usage of capital: For the construction of China flower trading center,M&A as well as set capital after the expansion of the project

This project is established on the support of government and the supplier of material, it took around  years for the company to accummulate experiences, resources, vanced management theory and human resources on the capital management and industrial operation.

As it's plan, an amount of RMB3 billion will be invested. By increasing the capital, the company will meet the capital requirement for the registration and construction of project; at the same time, integrated the production of important flower, sales agent by M&A, change the laidback flower trading modul and logistic mode, formulate a modern flower indutrial chain with high efficiency, covering different sections from production to consumption and step into a sound developing stage.

Besides, by introducing stragtegic investor, famous international companies in the industry, famous international investmental institution and financing project resources for fund, it will further the project to a better and faster development.  


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