Congratulations to Mr. Liu by USCIS I-526 petition

Customer Background: Mr. Liu, the couple has three children, his friend consulted investment immigration procedure in our company and was preparing to apply, refer to his friend, Mr. Liu came to our company for the relevant procedure and requirements, after the communication with our consultant, and he decided to apply for American investment immigration. It is good for the development of their children, besides he can meet his friends in America; it is helpful for his family too.
 Case reference: PAS Fund Immigration Service Co., Ltd.
 Capital resource: Property mortgage
 Application process:
9th April 2011: Signed the contract
20th October 2011: Submission of immigration
16th April 2012: Approved by Immigration of America (I-526)
Review: Mr. Liu has a stable income, his property is a high quality villa and it is enough to apply the investment immigration. The whole process of collecting documents is simple and the customer is very cooperative, it went smoothly.


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